Music Production in
Logic Pro X
This course with private individual lessons of writing electronic music
Who are these lessons for?
The course will be useful for both beginners and advanced musicians who want to start writing music, raise up their current knowledge, or need a mentor to complete their projects.

The teacher fully adapts to your experience and you get only knowledges that is interesting and necessary for you.
Here is a list of topics that we will go through
First look to
Logic Pro X
  • Logic Pro X General Information, Recommended System Requirements
  • Setting up the program, creating template projects
  • Creating the first project, setting project parameters
  • Overview of the program interface, parameters, library of instruments and samples
  • Overview of program instruments, samplers / synthesizers
  • Create drum parts using the virtual drummer Drum Designer.
  • Create your own drum parts from scratch with the Ultrabeat virtual drum machine
Working with midi
  • Creating simple parts / tools for editing parts / working in the Piano Roll window
  • Tips and tricks for making midi parts lively with the program's tools
  • Working with midi regions in the program arrangement window
  • Using program synthesizers to create melodic lines
  • General principles of working with synthesizers using the example of standard RetroSynth and Alchemy instruments
  • Creation of multitimbral complex instruments by combining
Audio Samples
  • Working with audio: using loops from Logic Pro X's extensive library
  • Applying and editing loops in the Arrange window and a separate editor window
  • Using the EXS24 sampler to create your own unique instruments based on audio samples
  • Recording in the program. Technique and methods
  • Audio editing techniques using the example of a vocal part in a real project
  • Using the Flex Time and Flex Pitch Tools to Edit the Groove and Pitch of Audio Material
  • Arrangement building: principles of working in the program
  • Arrangement and organization tools (markers / palette / icons, etc.)
  • Use of automation, creativity and technique
  • Applying Spatial Effects - Delay and Reverb
Audio effects
  • Frequency processing tools (equalizers / filters, etc.)
  • Dynamics processing tools (compressors, limiters, etc.) - an overview of the standard program instruments
  • Recommendations for use on the example of real projects
  • Working with SideChain in Processing Tools
  • Working with the mixer: interface and principle of operation
  • Create Send Channels
  • Using parallel processing techniques in a program
  • General principles of mixing composition using the example of a real project in Logic Pro X
Finalize and Master
  • Application of program analyzers for monitoring frequency and stereo fields
  • Working with the master channel
  • General principles of master channel processing with application of program processing effects. Mastering and finalization
  • Final recommendations and answers to questions

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Music Production in Logic Pro X

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